Letter to the Editor: Christian Nationalism

This letter to the editor was published by The Holland Sentinel on February 7, 2023.

Christian nationalism a foreseeable consequence of secularism

I read with interest your recent article about Christian nationalism, and I thought I’d offer my perspective on why so many are drawn to some version of the movement: We’re seeing the rise of Christian nationalism because our culture has finally begun reaping the rotten harvest of secularism.

It was much easier to go along with secularism (that is, with a formal commitment to neutrality in the public square) when some vague sort of residual Christian morality still held sway. But now people can see what secularism has actually delivered: We’re chemically sterilizing boys and cutting off the healthy breasts of young women. We’ve killed 60 million unborn babies, and we’re chopping up their bodies to sell the parts for profit. We’ll put your wife and kids in the breadline if you don’t bake the cake or get the jab. We’re teaching our children that men can get pregnant. We’re telling our daughters to applaud when a naked “woman” pendulates his way through their locker room.

In short, the gig is up: Secularism is burning itself down — and good riddance. When you’re tired of the chaos, come to Christ.

Josh Bishop

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