Back in the game

I hate myself.

That is to say, I hate people who Announce their Return To Blogging in a blog post, which is exactly what I’m doing here. Ergo: I hate myself. The truth is, I’ve needed to blog for a while — I’ve got things to say (I think), my wife and a handful of friends have been encouraging me to get back into it, and I’ve realized that any self-respecting writer has his own blog (I’ve realized the same thing about Twitter, but I’m not sure I want to go there again).

So, if I’ve got every reason to blog regularly, why would I not blog? The short of it is that I don’t have enough time.

Que the optimist: What do you mean you don’t have enough time? You’ve got plenty of time — you just don’t have the desire. You’ve only have to prioritize it.

So prioritize it I will. Blogging will fall somewhere above watching Dirty Jobs and absentmindedly flipping through the pages of Becca’s latest People Magazine, but somewhere below — somewhere *well* below — spending time with my wife, wrestling and snuggling with Jack, working two jobs, volunteering at church, taking care of the yard, my daily devotions, helping out with the laundry and dishes, building tents out of couch cushions and blankets, cooking the occasional dinner, and sleep. As you might imagine, that pretty well fills up the schedule.

The truth is — and I’ve struggled with this realization for a while, now — I haven’t been doing a very good job finding that balance, particularly when it comes to being a good husband and father. I bring home a bit of bacon on a regular basis, but I’m learning that my responsibilities (and joys) as hubby and dad go far beyond working hard. It means being there. It means supporting and encouraging and loving. It means taking responsibility for the spiritual and theological direction of my family. It means leading and protecting. As I recently read elsewhere, it means I have to be prophet, priest, and king in my home.

So while I know that this little blog is important, I’ll happily sacrifice it if I need to. It’ll be the first thing to go, in fact.

That said — what can you expect to find here? Provided this page survives my 29th birthday, you’ll find anything that interests me: the big four are books, beer, theology, and family. I’ll tell you what I’m reading, what I’m thinking, and what I’m doing (or trying to do). And I’ll do my best to keep the politics to a minimum; I’ll try to avoid too much emotional vomiting. You’re my reader, after all, not my therapist.

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